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The WhatsOnChain team believes that there are some common set of services like blockchain explorer ( integrated in-app or external links), network stats, alerts, tags, APIs and much more are almost part of every blockchain based product, app, business, or project.

Instead of the individual product teams building their own services, these services can be provided as pre-built, customizable and trusted bundles ready to be used and integrated with any product.

WoC team believes this approach will bring great benefits to the product teams and it will help them to concentrate on their specific domain or problem they are trying to solve.

WoC team also believes that the data enriched blockchain explorer (not just hex values) can demonstrate, encourage and help understand new business or individuals the power of "On Chain"

All WoC teams members are very passionate and talented volunteers working in their spare time to make this happen. Funds received are used to develop and maintain the WhatsOnChain project.

WhatsOnChain are Bitcoin maximalists. We believe in one chain. We believe in one coin - Bitcoin. BSV is Bitcoin.

We are preparing for big blocks and metanet - a blockchain-based network.

Goal 1: Cover $350 Monthly Mainnet Infrastructure Cost

Goal 2: Cover $185 Monthly Testne Infrastructure Cost

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* On Chain engraved thank you message

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Tier 5

* Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 Benefits

* Get a custom branded blockchain explorer for your product and business hosted by WoC (if required)

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* WoC team members will buy cool WoC t-shirts for events and meetups

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* One time Goal: $200

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